Have you realized something amiss recently?

If you or your partner has realized some alarming changes in your lives and in your relationship particularly, you must not sleep over it (pun intended) but in fact try to read more about it. The internet is more an unreliable source because even though information of general character is available on it, there is a lack of professional and reliable data that will be resonated well only with seeking a one on one help from a professionally trained medical expert.

  • We will try our best to help you:

    This lacunae was obvious when the founders of this small start up were still in the medical school (in their final years, precisely) and there was a bog number of patients in the emergency wards who would want to explain their conditions but the lack of any facility as such was missing.

    As so the founders of this group formed together a self help group where the members who think that there could be something wrong with them come up to them and raise their concerns. The trained medical approach of diagnosis first is very well followed by any required testing and then referring them the best department in medicine to solve their concerns,

  • It is always found that people hesitate in formal settings

    We consciously avoided having a formal setting because people with problems of this nature shy away from it. An informal setting with a group of people who also suffer from the same kind of conditions was an ideal environment for us to help them open up about their problems and then collectively try to search for a feasible and permanent solution to them.

    Our services are gratuitous

    We only took this initiative to help fellow humans and not for any monetary benefits to us. We love to empower men and women o be able to take control of their lives rather than cocoon themselves and sulk all their lives.